Remember when...

...blogs were something that were fun to read and they weren't all about the hustle?  Yeah, that was fun.  You want to reminisce?  Go head on over to my oldie bloggie Whatever & Stuff !  I might go visit some of my friends' old blogs and think about the good old days.

Brittany Soucy
Calling All Locals

I am starting studio art classes back up in November.  I just have two dates right now, but I'd love for you to join me.


Wednesday, November 1st

Wednesday November 15th

This is an open studio concept class.  The class size is intentionally small so there will be plenty of one on one instruction time.  You come to my studio with an idea of what you would like to work on (feel free to bring photo references).  Time is spent in a creative atmosphere with short lessons and demos determined on what the class members are interested in learning.  You are welcome to bring any supplies you would like, but are welcome to use my supplies.  There is a 24 hour cancelation policy since the space is limited.  

Contact me to secure your place in class!  I love spending time in my studio with all the peeps

Brittany Soucy
think for yourself

I did this in my sketchbook while processing a discussion that I had recently with my daughter about education. I won't get into it right here or else we will all end up with the same expression on our faces as this guy right here.  xo

Brittany Soucy

I'm so happy to finally have all the parts of my art life in one home! It's been a big task to pick up all the pieces scattered all over the place and put them together in a way that appeals to me both in form and function.  It's nice to have a fresh new start and I'm happy you're here.


Brittany Soucy