Invitations Series


When I am going about my life, there are moments that stop me and make me feel like I have been given an invitation to stop and meditate, or to climb higher, or to explore more in depth.  This series is moments like that which have prompted me to investigate further by putting paint to canvas and, in the process, dig a little deeper.

In the meanderings or the chaos of my everyday life, I can’t help but notice that God is in the details.  He sends me moments of clarity and peace, and in those moments I am able to make sense of it all. 

Bottle Meditation  8 x 10, oil on canvas

I have a collection of bottles that tends to make its way around my windowsills and reflect the natural light.  Durning this moment, I was running around trying to get everything done and forgetting to take time to notice the beauty that surrounds me daily.  As I walked past my kitchen sink, the complimentary colors glowing through the leaves of the blue spruce and Japanese maple caught my attention and I felt the invitation to stop amid the chaos of every day life and spend a moment recognizing my blessings and remembering the things I am thankful for.  Afterwards I was in a better place emotionally to take on the challenges set before me. 


Fleeting Light 16x20, oil on canvas

I remember when I had 2 or 3 small children and people used to say (all the time), “Enjoy every moment, it goes so fast!” And I would want to punch them in the face because I was so exhausted and it was going oh, so slowly.  But now all these years have passed and I can see how it flew right past in the midst of long, hard days.  It reminds me of my favorite times of day—dawn and dusk.  The light is so beautiful and everything it touches seems like it is infused with magic, but it is so fleeting.  I believe that is one of the reasons it is so beautiful—because it is so temporary.  I have learned that when the sky is changing color and infusing its magic onto everything around me, to stop what I am doing to take it in and breathe deeply and let my heart fill with joy and thanksgiving.  And just like that, the moment passes and I am better for taking in the beauty of this life.


You Can Make the Pathway Bright  16x20, oil on canvas 

The principles of kindness and optimism are taught a lot at my house.  Because, being human, we have a tendency to get frustrated with people and situations.  But for as long as I can remember, I have been able to see that when you treat someone with kindness, you will brighten their day, and that kindness has a tendency to come back around to you.  When you are filled with frustration or anger or negative feelings of any kind, making a list of things that you are thankful for brings a light into your day.  I believe we have control over how we treat people and whether our attitude is positive or negative, and both of those things effect not only us, but the people we come into contact with.  Sometimes a little light is all I’ve needed to fill my heart to the brim. 


Onward and upward 16x20, oil on canvas

When I was younger and trials came, I would struggle through it, figuratively kicking and screaming the whole time.  I would question why me, and how long?  But as I get older and have gone through more struggles, I have come to trust in myself and God. I have learned to stay calm and watchful, because I know the lesson is just on the other side of the hill and I will have grown stronger and wiser and more beautiful in every way. I wouldn’t say that I welcome trials, but I have come to understand their importance and recognize the potential growth and beauty that inevitably comes when walking through them with a positive attitude and a prayer in my heart.



Hope Shining Brightly Before Me    11 x14, oil on canvas 

This is overlooking a marsh in Ipswich, MA.  My family and I were on a walk and I felt so renewed after an uplifting day.  As we rounded a corner and looked through the trees, I saw the sun waning and my chest swelled with the comfort that comes when you feel hopeful for the future.  I felt the invitation to allow myself to find this feeling again in the coming weeks when I would undoubtedly feel overwhelm and anxiety.  



Peace Like a River II 12x12, oil on canvas

I was feeling some anxiety and took advantage of the invitation that popped into my head to take a little walk.  When I get back in touch with nature it helps me return to my deepest self—like a reset button.  As I walked, I was in an unfamiliar place and wasn’t finding what I was looking for.  I was passing houses that were looking a bit downtrodden and the neighborhood wasn’t giving way to nature like I had hoped.  Toward the end of my walk I came to a bridge and passed over this quiet river.  It was so calm and all sounds and worries faded away as I stood there watching the water flow by, ever so slowly.



Luminous   22x28, Oil on canvas

This painting spilled out of me one night as I was overjoyed.  It was one of those moments that everything aligns and my mood was high and everything seemed hopeful and right in the world.  You know those moments when things that bring you down take a backseat and you are filled to the brim with happiness?  I never know when those moments are going to come or how long they will stay, but when they do, I take it as an invitation to fill myself up to the tippy top and place that piece of light in a special part of my soul.


Intentional Living 24x24, oil on canvas

I have painted my neighbor’s laundry line several times.  It seems like every time I see her clean clothes hanging in the the fresh air, it reminds me to slow down and take a deep breath and notice the beauty around me.  It invites me to ponder the many ways I am living intentionally; where I am flourishing and where I am floundering.  From my small house on a little plot of land to the food I put in my body, to the ways I spread love and kindness.  Clothes lines seem to point my mind toward a simpler time and invite me to ponder what I can let go of to simplify my life and in turn have the space to receive joy.


Follow Your Path  8x10, oil on canvas 

I recently went to an art workshop—I love learning and taking classes! I find that I learn so much just watching someone do what they excel at.  I hope that I will always accept the invitation to continue learning how to better myself and grow in every dimension.  This painting was done during that workshop.

Brittany Soucy