I’ve had the best time working in my art journal for this class.  Usually when I start a page in my journal I don’t have a specific thing in mind to work on, and I definitely don’t know how it will end up looking.  It’s always a surprise to see what emerges out of the layers and the mediation that comes with creativity.  

To start, we go over supplies and basic techniques so you won’t feel lost, but then we jump right in!  For each page or layout, I have different skills or prompts to work on. I encourage you to use these as a starting off point for your pages and then let the process take over!  I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes through you, both visually and emotionally.   

Supplies and Prep

This should give you a good idea of what supplies I use and what you might need in order to get started. You can art journal with very basic supplies, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank if you don’t have everything on the supply list. Watch the video and decide if it’s an investment you’d like to make:)

Supply list:

Art journal (or sketchbook or blank paper)

Patterned paper, found paper, ephemera

Vintage pictures (can be printed out at home)

Matte medium (or glue or mod podge)


Charcoal pencil

Acrylic paints

Paint brushes

Assorted pens and pencils (i.e.: china markers, gel pens, water-soluble pencils, paint pens…)

Inks in various colors

Inktense pencils (or other water soluble colored pencils)


Spray bottle

Any supplies you have on hand that you enjoy using

An open heart and a sense of humor

My Dog Is Bigger Than Your Dog

In this lesson we will use a resist technique using a china marker or wax crayon and paint. We will also play around with perspective using size and placement of objects.

Prompt: 2 positive affirmations

One Sure Thing

In this lesson we will use mixed media techniques and stencils.  We will practice figurative drawing with a little help from tracing paper.

Prompt: poetry or a thought using cut out phrases and words

I Am Enough

In this lesson we will work more with mixed media and layering and go over some notes on composition.  Your assignment is to draw or paint a profile on your journal page.  We will also practice painting faces right over a photograph to sharpen our skills.

Prompt: I am thankful…

Kiss Often

Your assignment for this lesson is to sketch something from a photograph and paint it.  If it seems intimidating, limit your palette to black, white and one other color (I used burnt umber).  We also get to pick a quote to practice our lettering skills with.

Flowery Path of Knowledge

In this lesson we will pick a color palette inspired by a favorite painting and stick to that color palette through the entire exercise.We will take a nature walk and choose something that inspires you and incorporate it into your page. 

Prompt: advice from your 80-year-old self

You Are Here

In this lesson we work on lettering skills using negative space. 

Some of you will notice immediately and others of you, if you’re like me, wouldn’t notice unless someone pointed it out, but I misspelled one of the main words in my quote!  It is what it is, friends, and since we are being real here, I’ve decided to leave it in the video.  This whole course is about embracing ourselves and our imperfections, and remembering that those imperfections are part of what make us unique and lovable.  Hopefully you won’t mind too very much that I spelled “curiosity” with an extra “u.”  I know when I realized, it made me laugh at myself. (Something tells me I’ll remember how to spell it correctly from now on ;)

Thank you so much for joining me in class!  It was a great experience for me to art journal it all out—I found that even when I didn’t think I had anything specific to say, thoughts took shape as I worked and I found expression waiting to emerge on the paper.  I really hope you feel all  mused up and ready to jump into art journaling.  I believe that setting aside time for creativity is an act of self care, and you deserve it! 

With love,